Africa Mission 2019

Africa 2019

Pastor Paul - Kenya - Kericho Orphanage

The Story of Our Africa Mission

It was the early 1990’s and Senior Pastor Arlo Johnson was looking for a missions outreach project for the young people of the church and Westside Academy to be involved in.  Meanwhile, church members John and Elsie Giesbrecht were already supporting and connecting with a young Kenyan Bible school student named Paul N’Dungu and brought him to Pastor Arlo’s attention.  

After he graduated from Bible school “Pastor Paul” (as he was now affectionately referred to) formed “In Touch Ministries” to facilitate his calling and outreach to the Maasai tribe. Westside has partnered with Pastor Paul throughout the intervening years.  We’ve contributed to finishing of school buildings, crop planting, provision of livestock, micro-loans to start businesses, and more.

Their most recent In Touch outreach has been to the Samburu tribe of north central Kenya.  Westside has helped them build three water catchments, two for the Maasai and one for the Samburu.

At this time our Africa Missions focus has changed to the Kericho Orphanage in Kenya.  Westside has been able to help Kericho buy two acres of land next to the Orphanage to grow vegetables as well as chickens and cows for meat and milk.  As we have responded to the Holy Spirit to increase our support for Pastor Paul and In Touch Ministries we’ve watched God work to save lives both physically and spiritually.


January 10 – 25, 2019 Pastor Danny Legault will travel with Dave and Sunni Pope to Kenya. All of our needs have been met!

10 NIV Zondervan Study Bibles – $60 each

Bibles purchased


15 bicycles - $160 each

Bicycles purchased


10 boxes Children's pain medicine tablets*

Children's medicine purchased


20 Men's Reading Glasses - 3-pak (2.5 strength) available at Costco*

Glasses purchased


*Give your purchases of Pain Medicine or Reading Glasses to Dave or Sunni Pope.

Notify Dave Pope if you plan to purchase a Bible or bicycle.  Make a donation through Westside offerings and indicate either “Bike” or “Bible” on the envelope.