Some years ago, Pastor Paul from In Touch Ministries in Kenya got involved with some people in Uganda who had started an orphanage and school. They had begun this work literally by saving the lives of some of the children, who were being targeted for kidnapping, to be sold for human sacrifice. From there the school only grew, with orphans from the slums and children in the immediate area of the school.   In 2013 the Ugandan government informed Excellent Academy Orphanage that they could not take in any more students due to limited space at the property they were renting. This provided an opportunity, because the Lord had already been speaking to some of the directors of the school about believing God for a new school and orphanage on land of their own, with room to grow. This also coincided with one of Pastor Paul’s visits to Canada in October 2013.  He came telling the story of Excellent Academy Orphanage and the opportunity to bless them by raising the money to buy a parcel of land that miraculously became available to them. John and Elsie Giesbrecht from Abbotsford  and Westside folks felt privileged to be involved with such a fine project, and within a couple of months had raised the $25,000.00 needed for the land. Excellent Academy Orphanage School is now located on about 6.5 acres of land, that they own!

Through another miracle of individual giving, Westside was able to help  the initial school buildings to be erected, so that in July 2014, the students began living and learning in their brand new facilities.  Praise the Lord.

As of September 2016, Excellent Academy Orphanage School is housing and or teaching approximately 150 students.  Their progress is praiseworthy as they are constantly building what they need, and are teaching the children how to work.  See the pictures and updates yourself by going to the Excellent Academy newsletters.


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