RZIM Global Apologetics Conference

RZIM will livestream its first ever Global Apologetics Conference from the Zacharias Institute and Westside Family Fellowship is proud to host it. Over the course of three sessions on two consecutive days, over 15 RZIM speakers from across the globe will identify the most pressing apologetics questions which are being asked the world-over right now, demonstrating how the hope of the gospel reaches into every context to engage not only the anxieties of the mind, but the deepest longings of the heart.

In a world reeling from a pandemic, facing cries of injustice, shouts of disagreement, and economic discouragement, these ancient words rise above the clamor and accusations: “For God so loved the world…” A declaration made by Jesus Christ himself, who came to offer brokenhearted humanity a global and personal resolution to these crises. As people are desperately reaching for answers this year, how badly we need the divine love and justice uniquely displayed in the person and the work of Jesus Christ.

Whatever your personal circumstances may be, our hope is that through this conference you will be equipped to confidently engage the emerging questions of culture with the unchanging and timeless love of Christ.

Register HERE.

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