Corn Crop in Kenya

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Greetings from Kenya!

We thank God for the good crop of corn we have in the garden at our orphanage in Kericho, Kenya.  We are praying and trusting God to bring us rain so we can have a good harvest in October.  The children at the orphanage are very excited about the corn crop.  The older children enjoy weeding the garden.  You can see that in these photos.

We have already harvested six bags of beans.  Each bag is about 90 kilograms each.  If we get good rain we will be able to harvest even more.  The rest of our garden is planted with cabbage, greens, and carrots.  We are very thankful to God for what we have.  This will give us much food for the orphanage.

Continue to pray with us for our country’s political situation as we have elections on August 8th.  Violence is not uncommon during an election and we have seen some already.

Our ministry is doing well and we thank God for one more new church plant in a Samburu village last month.  Thank you for your prayers and support.  We need rain in the Samburu and Maasai territories.  It is very dry and many people have lost their animals because of the drought and famine.  Our ministry still supplies water and food to these villages as much as possible.

We thank God for the rains we are getting at Kericho which is in the highlands of Kenya but it is less than normal.

May you be blessed,

Serving until He comes again,

Pastor Paul Ndungu

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