In 2014 a team from Westside visited with Pastor Paul in Kenya. Westside Family Fellowship has been supporting Pastor Paul N’dungu of Kenya for over a quarter of a century. For the entire time Pastor Paul has proven himself to be a trustworthy steward of any finances we have been able to provide. Pastor Paul founded In Touch Ministries, in response to the Kenyan government’s requirement for all ministries to be registered. In Touch Ministries has a board of Elders and Pastors who oversee works in over 200 churches in Kenya. Pastor Paul and the board are also involved in many different outreaches to various tribes.  Additionally, In Touch Ministries is helping oversee Excellent Academy in Uganda.  When the team visited, they found a very healthy and vibrant board of Elders and Pastors.  They were inspired by the fervor of these men.  Pastor Paul continues to expand the outreach of In Touch Ministries every month.  Along with regular events in Kenya such as floods and droughts, Pastor Paul reports regular events in growing the kingdom of God: meetings, salvations, and baptisms.  Praise the Lord.  Remember to pray for the work in Kenya, and watch the website for updates from Pastor Paul.

kenya 2014 002

Sunni Pope with a Masai woman.  


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