Ayubowan from Sri Lanka!

The Main Story

The BUD Centre continues to take shape into something we are very proud of.  Each and every day we witness the efforts of our hard-working staff.  We welcome kids over day who are excited about the hours we get to spend together learning, building relationships and, of course, having fun.

Sri Lanka has been experiencing a severe rainy season which has caused struggles and dangers for many.  It has also deterred many children from attending the Centre in the afternoon when the worst thunder and lightning storms occur.  This has been a bit discouraging for us and the BUD Centre staff but nevertheless, even if only two children show up we give our best love and care to them.

A lot of work has been done on the BUD Centre exterior since January.  Retaining and boundary walls have been installed around the facility for safety sake protecting us from flooding during our major rains.  These walls have also made our playground more functional and allowed us to plant vegetables and fruit that wildlife cannot get at. Our biggest thanks go out to all of you who made this possible through your financial and other generosity.

Team From Canada

In March we welcomed a team of graduating students from Westside Academy in Prince George.  To be honest, with our family still “camping out” at the Centre this wasn’t the best time for us to host guests but God knew what was needed for both them and us.  We had an amazing time together!  This team gave their all!  They loved on us, they embraced the staff and kids at the Centre and worked hard teaching classes, landscaping the property, painting a mural, developing the playground.  It was a full-on investment of their love in everyone here. It truly was a highlight for us.  We now have two teams scheduled to come and help us next year, one in February and the second in March.


Once a month we gather the English, Tamil, and Sinhala Sunday School groups together for a time of worship and learning from the Bible.

Sunday School at Lighthouse Church Kandy

Aside from the full-time commitment to the BUD Centre we are also involved in our local church Sunday School program.  We are at the start of a new term and are gearing up for Vacation Bible School in August.  Please pray for us that it will all come together with volunteers to help us make the VBS be a big success.


Our Home

In April 2017 we began the process of building a house for our family on the BUD Centre property.  One year later we are relieved to tell you that we have moved into our new home!  What a process it was!  We have literally had our entire life packed up in boxes and are only now beginning to find stuff we forgot we even had.  We are so thankful that after all the ups and downs of building a house in Sri Lanka we finally have a home to call our own.  It feels like a dream come true and prayers answered.

Thank You All!

To all of you who continue to invest in our lives, the lives of the BUD Centre staff and the children who attend the centre … THANK YOU very much!  It has been tough these past several months.  Many times we felt we were in way over our heads, and yet God has given us just what we need and sustained us through it all.  If you would like to know more about our work here or how you can get involved please feel free to contact us.

We were planning to be in Canada in May but couldn’t pull ourselves away from all the commitments.  We don’t know when we will visit Canada but hope that it will be in the near future.

Our three children are the light of our life!  We are amazed at the things they say and do.  Their language is developing a lot as they thrive relating to the many people who come into our lives.  Aneisha and Mikaela both have birthdays in mid-June while Jayden turned two this past April.

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Up and coming events:

* Sunday school VBS
* Relaunching of Mother’s weekly cooking and discussion group at the Centre
* Mikaela starts school in September
* Father’s Day program for Sunday school and Centre

Prayer Points

* Pray as we strategize on how to register the Centre
* Pray for the possibility of launching a morning Montessori program in January at the Centre
* Pray the opposition we continue to experience at the Centre from outside sources