Pray for Kenya

Report from Pastor Paul Ndung’u in Kenya:

Beloved Family,


We are all doing well and the ministry is going well also.  We give thanks to the Lord.  We also need all of you to join with us in praying for our country of Kenya.

After a successful Presidential Election on August 8th it was announced that our President Uhuru Kenyatta had won with 8.2 MILLION votes over his rival Raila Odinga with 6.7 MILLION votes. Raila Odinga did not accept the results and petitioned to the Supreme Court of Kenya.  The six judge high court decided that the Presidential election results were null and void.  As a result we must repeat our Presidential election on November 1st.

This is so sad for our country.  As soon as the second election was announced prices in our country went up.  There is much tension.  Also we are back in “election campaign mode throughout our country.

Please pray for there to be peace and unity soon.  With our political leaders distracted by the election campaign other problems are not being taken care of.  For instance, we have a continuing drought.  Pray for rain so our crops will grow.  Life has become so difficult with the famine and drought … an dnow the second election campaign.  We need God’s intervention in Kenya.

Please pray for our needs as well as the needs of our people in the villages.

God bless you all … serving until He comes …

Pastor Paul Ndung’u