Sri Lanka Mourns – Kandangama Report

Dear Family & Friends,

We find ourselves in another tragic situation here in Sri Lanka. Like most Christians, we went to church Easter Sunday morning to celebrate our Risen Saviour. Midway through service people began to receive messages of bomb blasts that had taken place. It quickly changed the atmosphere and uncertainty set in. Soon after arriving home a curfew nationwide was established and another was just enforced this evening till morning for the second day in a row. We have been following the news closely and still today there were some attempts in the works but stopped by authorities. I won’t go into much detail as many or most of you have also heard through the news. But at least 8 or more bombs were set off at churches and hotel locations. The death toll is now just under 300 and many more injured. It’s thought to be a Terrorist attack from an extremist group but details are still not clear.

As a family we are fine. Thankful for safety. But certainly heavy burdened for the darkness that took place on such a day. Our kids are aware of what has happened and it has concerned them too. It is hard to express how we feel except broken and undone for this nation we love and care for. It amplifies that fact that the enemy of this world is out to steal, kill, and destroy. But thankfully we have someone we march with that has all power and all authority to take down this darkness. Our Jesus Christ who is still on the throne and will have the final victory.

Its been a resounding theme for us as we have faced some trials of our own in our very small community and place of ministry at the Bud Centre. We are at a crossroads yet again and have been in this place before. We don’t have as many kids attending the centre and the main reason being is the opposition from the village temple head Monk and the control he has on families in the community. He is threatened by the good we are doing. By the impact we are having on kids and their families. He has taken action to stop families from sending their kids and is succeeding. We have gone to him and had a face to face conversation but it has not changed his opinion. We are now currently praying for a change of heart or else that he be removed from this area.

Another challenge we currently face is that our monthly support is currently at a low. In our five years now almost six as Global Workers we have been so blessed by the generous giving from donors such as yourself. Now we face a change in financial standing. We thought it would be something we could address when we come to Canada. That we could work hard at increasing our support system. But as it stands we currently wonder if we will have the funds to even get ourselves to Canada. Please pray with us as we trust that God will supply what we need.

On a much lighter note, we want to share the amazing outreach teams we had over the month of March and April. We had one group from Westside Academy in Prince George. Every year the Grade 12 students come and experience their first short term missions experience. We had 5 students this year and one teacher and one parent. We had a fantastic time painting the centre, improving our classrooms, making a music room. They blessed us with instruments, books for our library, and so much more. They taught Sunday school in two churches that we are connected too and had many amazing site-seeing experiences. They blessed us and the kids at the centre just loved playing with them and learning from them as they even built cool robots as one of the classes.

The second team was from Vermillion AB. A church that supports us on a monthly basis. They came to get to know our ministry more and to serve alongside us. They worked hard too by making some improvements to our playground and fencing our outdoor field for play. They conducted classes, helped organize our library and much more. They spoke at Nish’s brother church and had many opportunities to go house visiting to pray with believers in the village.

Both teams encouraged us so much in our efforts. We had many powerful prayer times that spoke over the hope we should have for the community and nation. That God has a plan, that He has strategically placed us here and to not fear but to be bold in our faith. We may not be seeing the results that we would hope for with our own eyes but that’s not to say that God is not at work in the hearts of those who he places in our path.

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Even if you don’t get the chance to like others do to serve with us here. Your prayer and financial assistance is just as important and vital to extending Christ’s love. Bless you!