Update #8: Sri Lanka Mission 2019

(Message sent 8:31am, March 18, 2019)

We had a great meeting with about 60 pastors and leaders in Deniyaya and of course this is the location where Pastor Arlo, Dave, Gino and myself went in 2012 when the church in that area was under great persecution.  It was great to see that God’s protection has prevailed and the church in Deniyaya is doing well.
They were very grateful for Pastor Arlo and the help that Westside gave to the church during that time of great trouble.  It was also good to see many Pastors that Pastor Arlo and I shared with over the years and they said goodbye and thanked us and Westside and promised to pray for Westside everyday.  We are so blessed.
As I am writing this we are traveling the narrow and winding roads in the high country passing many tea estates with workers on the road with their days labor (tea leafs).  We are heading to Thissamahara to another leadership conference and we are expecting about 125 leaders in that remote area.  We always have a great time there so please continue to pray that we will be able to clearly get across a message that encourages the leaders of this area.
I see that Prince George is working on removing some snow before we return.  God Bless the warm sun.

(The picture above is Dave sharing at Deniyaya)

Pastor Marlo