Update #10: Sri Lanka Mission 2019

Update #10: Sri Lanka Mission 2019 message sent by Pastor Marlo at 4:13 a.m. March 20, PDT:


We had a great day in Monaragala and about 50 pastors and leaders came together and in the facility that Westside helped to build a number of years ago we had a great time of sharing and enjoying God’s presence.
Pastor Brabu and his family are doing an excellent work and were great hosts to the people who came from the surrounding area.  Once again we were able to pray all the people there and I trust that they were blessed and encouraged.  After the conference in Monaragala is over we are off to Badulla and another conference tomorrow.  We will finally spend more than one day in a single city so we are looking forward to that.  The team is doing great and we appreciate your pray support.

Pastor Marlo