Update #11: Sri Lanka Mission 2019

Update #11: Sri Lanka Mission 2019 sent by Pastor Marlo at 9:07am March 21, 2019:

We just finished our second last pastor’s conference in Badulla with 92 people in attendance.  It was great to see so many familiar faces and though it will be my last time doing a conference in Badulla I am sure that we will stay in contact with a number of these pastor’s by email.  They ended our time with a few of the pastors sharing their appreciation to Westside for the support that we have given to them.  Many of them have received support either in their building projects or in helping their children with their education or just a gift to help them and their families with everyday living.  These are very special people to Pastor Arlo and myself and so I received the praise from them on your behalf.  It was a great day to be a part of Westside Family Fellowship so thank-you to each of you for your part in the outreach to the nation of Sri  Lanka.
Tomorrow we will share in the graduation ceremony of the after school program in Badulla Lighthouse Church and in the morning Sunni will be sharing with the ladies of the church.

Pastor Marlo

Photos supplied by Sunni Pope