Update #13: Sri Lanka Mission 2019

Update # 13 sent 6:00pm Friday March 22nd:

We have had a great time here in Sri Lanka!  Dave, Sunni and Derek have prayed for many pastors and have shared in fellowship with a number of families and leaders.  Friday March 21st Sunni had an opportunity to share with a group of ladies at the Badulla Lighthouse Church and they spent a couple of hours together and concluded with a time of prayer.  Shanthi (pastor Roshan’s wife) told me later that it was a real good time where the ladies were encouraged and blessed.
Today (Saturday) Derek, Pastor Roshan and myself will travel to meet with Pastor Nalin and his leaders (Pastor Nalin was helped when Westside built a small home for him adjoining to his parents home and we also helped his children with their education needs).  We will be encouraging them in the good work they are doing.  Dave and Sunni are going to enjoy some down time and then we will share in the Sunday morning service at Badulla Lighthouse Church.  Derek and Dave will be going to a small house church to share after the service is completed at the Lighthouse Church.
Again we all appreciate your prayers and are doing our best to faithfully represent you and God during our time in Sri Lanka.

Pastor Marlo

(The Sunday morning service pictures were sent late Saturday evening by Derek and included here with this earlier report by Pastor Marlo.)