Update #15: Sri Lanka 2019

This report arrived at 3:38 a.m. March 25, 2019:

In the past we at Westside Family Fellowship purchased a number of sewing machines for a sewing class offered at Badulla Lighthouse church.  The instructor is a qualified teacher and so they can offer a certification that will help the students get sewing jobs.
After the program is finished Westside is going to give the top student a sewing machine so that she can work from home and make an income to help support her family.  This program has been approved by the regional government and one of their officials was in attendance. The Lighthouse Church has great favour in this area because their programs are available to people of all backgrounds, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu and Christian.  The desire of Lighthouse Church wants to help people of all backgrounds to better themselves and they do all this to the glory of God.
Sunni Pope did a great job of representing Westside at the graduation.

Tomorrow we begin the journey to the airport and on Wednesday we do our last conference.  One more report and then we will be back in Canada.
On behalf of the entire team, Sunni, Dave, Derek and myself thank-you for your prayers and support as we have been aware of God’s presence and goodness.

Pastor Marlo