Update #16 – Sri Lanka 2019

Final Post sent at 2:20 a.m. March 27, 2019:

Well the time has come and gone.  We have zig zagged across the nation of Sri Lanka and everywhere we visited places that Pastor Arlo and I and other team members have been before.  We have seen incredible growth in the work that Westside has partnered with here in Sri Lanka.  The end of an era that began with the building of a room in Kandy and ended up touching hundreds of Pastors and churches.  Everywhere people thanked Pastor Arlo and Westside Family Fellowship for their love and support and so until heaven we will not know all the things that have been accomplished through our relationship with the church in Sri Lanka.
We continue to pray that God’s Kingdom will come to the nation of Sri Lanka and today as we shared with about 58 pastors and workers we consider ourselves blessed to have had this opportunity and I know I speak on behalf of Dave, Sunni and Derek that we have been blessed more than we have been a blessing.  So we are heading home with full hearts and we are sad to leave the people here but happy to be coming back to our families and life that awaits us in Prince George.
Thank you again for your prayer support.
Pastor Marlo