Update #6: Sri Lanka Mission 2019

Update #6: Sri Lanka Mission 2019

Update # 6 was sent at 6 a.m. Friday morning (PDT).

Once again a very hot day in the flatlands of Sri Lanka. Of course inside the church was just as hot even though we try and keep it cool with fans. We had a great time in Mahiyangana … the last time we had a leadership conference here was in 2009 with both Pastor Arlo and myself. It was great to see the church growing. Pastor Justin and his family are doing very well. They run a pre-school program with 77 children. Westside Family Fellowship helped them expand their facility a number of years ago. It was amazing to see this land filled with buildings used to house these children, the church and the Pastor and his family as well.

Pastor Justin told us about one time he went to leave his compound when he heard a noise and there was an elephant just outside their place. Wisely he decided to wait until the big guy left at his leisure.

This time we had about 50 participants in the conference. It was a great time of myself sharing followed by Dave and Sunni praying with them individually. We left in the afternoon and are now in Kandy. We will be leaving tomorrow morning to pick up Derek Crego and head to Ratnapura to visit with Pastor Joel and share in a leadership meeting in his church tomorrow evening. This is another ministry we at Westside have contributed to as we helped Pastor Joel son and his family build a small living space over the church several years ago. I am looking forward to seeing that completed work.

The farewell tour (as I am calling this trip) is going well – but I must confess that some here don’t really believe me(that it will be my last time)!!!! Continue to pray for us and especially Derek as he joins us mid-stream.
Pastor Marlo