Prince George Pregnancy Care Centre

Prince George Pregnancy Care Centre

Change for Life!

The Prince George Pregnancy Care Centre is happy to be 70% of the way to their fundraising goal.

They are currently in urgent need of volunteers for their board and other positions as well as funds to continue operating.

Contact the Prince George Pregnancy Care Centre by visiting their website at or emailing

Below is part of the recent PG Pregnancy Centre newsletter about their needs:

We are looking for people with vibrant faith, and a heart for issues around pregnancy. We are also looking for:
a) Someone with extensive accounting and/or board treasurer experience.  Ideally, this person could step into the role of Treasurer right away, even for a short 6 month term.
 Up until recently we had 4 directors; the President (me), the Treasurer and two directors-at-large. The offices of Secretary and Vice ­President are vacant. Though small, we had a good team and we had substantial momentum improving all aspects of our society. What we didn’t have was back-up if someone was no longer available.
Unfortunately, our Treasurer has faced an urgent family issue and is no longer able to serve. Legally, we must find a new Treasurer; neither of the two directors-at-large are able to fill this role.
Our board is currently critically undermanned; we cannot continue this way for long. The good news is that God is in control. If it is His will that we remain open, He will bring the right person.

Signed, Jeff Paetkau, President


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