Church @ The Movies - Lord of the Rings - The Power of Destiny

Church @ The Movies – Lord of the Rings – The Power of Destiny

Tom Birch joked we would be watching the full 12 hours of the three Lord of the Rings movies … thankfully we didn’t!  This message on the Power of Destiny covers some main points from the movies and books connecting them with scriptures from the old and new testaments.


The Lord of the Rings is an epic tale of the struggle to defeat the evil Sauron. We contrasted Frodo and Boromir. Frodo committed himself to the quest to destroy the ring but Boromir tried to take it for himself as a tool to do his bidding.

We compared this to King Zedekiah and how he thought he could harness God’s power to do his bidding but how God requires us to pray in submission to His will.

We looked at one of the greatest promises in the Old Testament, Jeremiah 29:11, about God having plans for our hope and future. This promise was like the destiny of Frodo to destroy the ring and save Middle Earth. But it was only applicable after the exiles submitted to God, who had said “No” to what they wanted, which was the restoration of Judah.

We explored our free will to choose what group we want to be in. Finally, we saw that Frodo failed in the end to achieve his goal because he fell to the temptation of the ring. But providence was with him to finish the task when he could not and Gollum wrestled the ring from him and in doing so he slipped and fell into the fiery heart of the mountain. In the same way, when we fail, Jesus will take us over the finish line.

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