Small Group

Study Sundays

Equipping the church with practical, challenging, and life changing teaching

For the first 7 weeks of 2019 we will be starting our Sunday services with a time of small group teachings. There are 4 small groups this year.  You can learn more about the topics and the group leaders below. Following the teaching time, we gather back together for a time of worship and praise. 

Classes start at 10:15am and end around 11:15am.

Room locations will be posted in the foyer every Sunday morning. Space is limited in some classes so please sign up and arrive early! 

Financial Peace University - Scott and Justine

Scott and Justine Derksen will be leading the course called Financial Peace University, a video series taught by Dave Ramsey (Christian Author and Financial Advisor). Dave Ramsey takes a humorous and practical approach to helping people manage their money, plan for the future and pay off debt. This course will be applicable to all age groups. Course is relevant for youth who are looking for some practical advice as they get started on their money management journey, it is also helpful for couples who would like to learn how to work together and communicate and is also relevant for people nearing retirement.

We will discuss the mind and how we can overcome the battle that Paul addressed in Romans 7. He talked about his struggles doing what he didn’t want to do and not doing what he wanted to do. There are actually ways for us to live as overcomers and it is simple enough for a child to understand but difficult enough for Paul to struggle with it. Paul tells us we can be transformed by renewing our minds-the real mind battle is truth verses lies!!! Jesus tells us in John 10:10 that he came so that we could have an abundant life. I want the abundant life and it starts with my mind-come and discover with me Biblical truths that  we can apply to our lives so we can enjoy that abundant life Jesus spoke of!!!!

Defeating Lies and Walking in Truth - Pastor Marlo

Leaving a Legacy in Hard Times - Tom Birch

We all have hopes and dreams for what impact our lives will make and what legacy we will leave our children or the next generation. Some long for Heaven and just want to hear, “Well done!”  But when times are difficult and things go wrong, what do we do? What if it seems we have nothing to leave behind? In this series, we will explore the lives and legacies of people living in one of the hardest times recorded in the Bible; those who lived during the lifetime of Jeremiah, the weeping prophet. For that, we will find insights into our lives and the times we live in.

Based on Christian authors and podcasters Tony & Alisa DiLorenzo’s content, join us as we learn together how to make intimacy a priority in our marriages, break down communication barriers, and get out of ruts in and out of the bedroom.

Increasing Marital Intimacy - Ryan and Lara Mcinnes